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Zřícenina Dívčí hradBurgruine Dívčí hrad

Ruin of castle Dívčí hrad

Remains of once significant and stout castle called Devicky or Divci hrad, Maidberk (Maidenburg) is located westward of the village Pavlov, on sheer almost inaccessible rock about 1 kilometre from the highest peak of Palava - Devin. The castle stayed in lord’s possession because of its position. The ruins are nowadays consisted from irregular rectangle - 65 meters long and 20 meters wide closed by an extra stout fortification wall. They are still the dominant of surrounding hills. The destruction came with Swedish in 1645 after the triumphal battle in Jenkov. Swedish burnt out and plundered the castle. The matter of interest is that there never was a bartizan even if it was a part of defensive system in every castle around at that time. It means that the builders trusted that extra high and stout walls though the region was very unquiet and hag-ridden by wars. Nowadays we may enjoy that nice view of Novomlynske nadrze (water-reservoirs) and far-distant scenery.

Ruin from dam Nove Mlyny
Ruin of castle
Ruin of castle

Ruin of castle

Ruin of castle

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